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Our Topics are based around adult led tasks and child initiated, we will be watching the children operate independently as well as guiding them to work in a formal manner.


Your input and home observations are invaluable, so please share anything of interest or significance whilst we work through our Topics in the children's Tapestry Learning Journals.


Our Topics:


Term 1      Harvest




The children have started the term very excited about our new Topic as many of them have been watching the Harvest in progress, the boys have been particularly excited. We have read books about harvest time, how the fields are planted up what grows in them and how the giant combine harvester cuts the corn. The children have started making natural pictures with gathered items off the field, planted up trees and tried fruit that grows in the orchards that are harvested later in the year. We have used wheels from farm toys to make pictures and apples to assist in our number work.


This terms Topic has now come to the end, the children have thoroughly enjoyed the activities especially the bread making and finishing with our pumpkin messy play and craft bags, which they said would be used for Trick and Treating.​​ As a professional its been very rewarding to see how the younger members of the group have enjoyed and participated in the same play and activities as the older children, giving valuable information to their Learning Journals. With careful planning all children can access the same activities and have the same amount of fun.





Term 2.    Diwali

                Bonfire night /Autumn

                Christmas Makes


This term the children will be looking at culture difference and the Festival of Light, how we celebrate the New Year in many different ways. We will then make fireworks with the children as many will go to displays with their families.

This will then lead us into Christmas Makes, we will spend weeks with the famous fairy dust (glitter), glue and coloured card where the children will be so excited with the run up to Christmas. The advent calendar will give the children daily activities, jobs to do and treats, in the past this has been very successful. Our letter to Father Christmas from the Children will be posted on the 6/12/2015 and we await our response.

Autumn Fun.

Well the first term has now come to an end with our Christmas party which took place in the school hall. The children really enjoyed the company of the older children and we celebrated together all of our Christmas makes, our place mats and crowns. The children's letters to Father Christmas were posted off and I'm sure they received all they had asked for well done.

The Spring Term


This term we are going to do Nursery Rhymes looking at colours, shapes, numbers, and Literacy.



Term 6

This term we have planned to cover Mini Beasts, the children will be looking at the habitat of insects before making ladybirds, bees, butterflies and caterpillars. They will be making sunflowers, trying natural honey and watching caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies before letting them go in our meadow. All our 7 areas of leaning will be evident throughout the topic.

What a successful topic the children have really enjoyed this one, they have all worked hard in producing some lovely and creative pieces of work.



The children enjoyed learning about space, some had visited the space centre in Leicester and the parents really appreciated us following the children's interests. We then purchased a light table, the children talked about how they could build a rocket from the different shapes.



With spring around the corner we have looked at how the changes are happening in the environment, the children have made their own pictures with blossom finger painting. We also played a game on the 4 seasons and talked about the words at the top of each card (French).

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