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Recent Photographs

Building with Popoids
Patterns with paint
What's yours like Ellie
Painting with the Tractor
That's good Poppy
Poppy enjoyed the activity
Archie gets messy
Making patterns with toys in paint
Can i Fix it
Ellie and Isla uses technology
Puzzle Play
Yes I can
Read to me Zac
Bob can fix the Train Track
Yes i'v done it
Faster, Faster
Where's my tea
Poppy enjoys sand play
Purple sand is great
Can i join in Poppy
I can see through the paint board
This is great fun
Let's go to the seaside
Yes i'm driving
Yes Zac my turn next
It takes along time
Yes we are here, i'm getting off Zac
I'll park the car
Round and Round we go
Water Play
Jack pours the water from one thing to another
Can i use the watering can
Zac uses the pump
Time to clean up
The water comes from the elephants nose
The wheels on the bus go round and round
Sing Ellie
Is there room for more
All aboard and off we go
Bob the Builder
The Doll's House
Jack plays with the house and bedroom furniture
All done upstairs
Our 2 Role Play Houses Bob the Builder and Shops
Who's inside
Hugo plays with the Train Track
Where should i put the Crane
I'v found the hook on the Crane
Ellie plays in the water tray
This feels cold
We are all going on a Summer Holiday
This will stop the water coming out
Peace at Last lets have the story
The pipe fits better than the cup
 Pumpkins were scooped out and filled with jelly
The children are excited to play in the jelly
Mrs Mullan makes spider biscuits
Texture awareness
Ellie feels the coldness of the jelly
How many spoons do i need to fill the bowl
Annabelle experiences the paint
We feel the cold wet paint together
We look at the hand prints on the paper
Biscuit making for the under 2's
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